Friday, June 22, 2007

Through Adversity to the stars

Through Adversity to the stars

May we bow our heads and be thankful for our veterans. They have fought with dignity. Let them grow in Peace up to the clouds and above the stars so we may never forget in Flanders fields they will remain our heroes and saviors of our freedom and rights. They have made us free. Now it is up to us to discover the path we walk on. May it be the right path for their sacrifice will have not been in vain! May God bless them. Air Force - Army - Navy of Canada and the free world! We will never forget you because you have touched the face of God and made us Free. So young to die. You have indeed given us the ultimate sacrifice. To all our past and present day heroes of Afghanistan and of our blue helmets. Thank you!

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kawi11 said...

I really like the pictures that you attach to your texts. Very interesting to read too!