Sunday, November 09, 2008

A simple Thank you from the heart for Remembrance day

A simple Thank you from the heart for remembrance day.

Were can i start, what can i say that has not been said to our veterans. How we love dearly, how we care and that i must say Thank you. You have givin us hope to look for tomorrow. All the tears that are shed for a loved one who has givin it all for our freedom! What can i say, there are no words to say but Thank you. It is not enough, i feel, when one dies of old age, my heart has sorrow that i know a part of our history is slipping away. I will not hear again of your brave courage you have givin to me and to all of us! How we care for thee, to the Canadian veterans of all wars and of our allied friends!

We must say Thank you, that you are not forgotten, and when your trumpets of eternity will call you home because of a long life that you have kept inside of sorrow and grief and nightmares of loosing friends that were like your brothers on the battlefields of the world, we must say thank you.

God Bless you all for what you have done to thee, giving us our freedom for a beautiful and bright tomorrow!

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