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Newspaper articles from 1941-The Telegraph journal

Newspaper articles from 1941-The Telegraph journal

Greetings to all!

After a very tumultious year 2008, we are nearing it's end! Today is December 28, 2008. I am very saddened to hear that more Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan have lost their lives! We will remember you all! As for the economy things are not very good! But this was to happen, there is so much greed on wall street and in the business world that i am not surprised!! Greed rules, unfortunatelly!

Man will never learn of his past mistakes! Such a shame!

I have found some interesting articles that i came across on an old newspaper of mine that i wanted to share with you! These articles are from The Telegraph journal and is from Saint John's, New Brunswick and is dated Wednesday September 10, 1941

Germany Warns all ships in war zones subject to atttack. (Please note that America lost Merchantships to the Kriegsmarine and was not yet at war with Germany until December 7, 1941 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.)

(Berlin, Sept 9 A.P) The Germans warned again tonight that all ships in the Axis-declared war zones are subject to attack "regarless of nationality" and indicated that either an Italian or German plane sank the American freighter Steel Seafarer in the Red Sea Friday night.

A spokeman said, however, that "it is beyond discussion that there should be any general order to attack American ships."

Since the Red Sea has long been considered a war zone by the Axis, he said, no one should be surprised that the steel Seafarer was sunk there. He pointed out that the 5,819 ton vessel was lost while en route to Suez, pressuably with lend-lease supplies for the British forces.

Emphasising the activity of Axis bombers in the Red Sea area the high command claimed today the sinking of a 7,000 ton tanker and the damaging of five other large merchantmen in a sunday night raid on shipping over Suez Gulf and Roadstead.

Here is another article from The Telegraph Journal and his dated September 6, 1941.

German Planes raid Scotland. Article by Drew Middleton. (Associated Press)

(London. Sept 5)Several German planes attacking eastern Scotland today inflicted a small number of casualities and some damage, and one of the bombers crashed, killing it's crew of four, the Air Ministry annouced tonight. A report from one village said a Nazi bomber machine-gunned the streets where children were plawing but that none was injured. In the only British offensive action the ministry said two German tankers were attacked off the continental coast last night. Clouds of smoke were seen to rise from one of the ships. A factory at La Pallice, France was also bombed.

I hope you enjoy reading these events that happened so long ago! I want to share them with you because this is an interresting part of history that must never be forgotten. Thank you for reading my blog!

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