Sunday, June 07, 2009

Vintage Wings of Canada Open House Air Show 2009

Vintage Wings of Canada Air Show 2009, June 6, 2009

Greetings to all aviation lovers!

I wanted to share with you some beautiful pictures that i have taken of the Vintange wings of Canada Open House Air Show, 2009 in Gatineau, Qu├ębec. The Air Show was absolutely beautiful, well organised and very enjoyable. It was absolutely pure fun to see these all these beautiful birds fly! I wanted to thank all of the people at Vintage Wings of Canada that were so very friendly and cortious! You have a very beautiful hanger with very beautiful airplanes. It was very enjoyable to meet World War two veterans and all the friendly people that share the same passion as i do, World War 2 airplanes and the vintage ones from the golden age of aviation! I really enjoyed seeing The Curtis P40 Warhawk, the P51 Mustang and all of the beautiful World War 2 airplanes. They are all so very beautiful!

Vintage Wings of Canada celebrates Canada's aviation heritage and inspire Canadians with the most powerful stories of the heroes, aircraft and events that make up this legacy. To do this, they acquire the finest airworthy examples of important aircraft in Canadian aviation history.

I would like to share with you The Vintage Wings of Canada web site that celebrate the Centenial of Canadian aviation.

Again, Thank you to all at Vintage Wings of Canada for this Wonderful experience at the Vintage Wings open house Air Show!

We will be looking foward to the next Open House on September 19, 2009

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