Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mackenzie King's speech somewhere in Britain August, 1941

This is a speech Makenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada declared somewhere in England on August,20th, 1941. This article is taken from The Telegraph, Journal of Saint John, New Brunswick dated Thursday August 21, 1941

Canada is with you The Empire "Heart and soul for winning the war" Prime Minister Makenzie King declared tonight. Asked for a statement before boarding a train for London the prime minister, who arrived here by plane from Canada today, told reporters: "Please tell Great Britain that Canada is with the Empire heart and soul for winning the war and will not spare any effort that is necessary to ensure victory."

Mr. King also thanked the British people for their hospitality to Canadian servicemen and women. "This friendship will strengthen the strong ties existing between Britain and Canada and help us, in the future to develop the cultural, material and economic exchanges necessary to the welfare of both countries" he said.

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