Tuesday, November 13, 2007

World War 2 in 1940

The invasion of Norway was the first offensive on the western front by the Wehrmacht in 1940 and thus began the invasion of Norway. Norway had a strategic importance not only for Germany but also for the allies because of it's natural resources to help their both the allies and German war industries. On April 9 Germany invaded Denmark and landed in Norway which took the allies totally by surprise. In 1940 French and British troops try desperately to resist the German invasion of the above without any luck and thousands of French and British troops were made prisoners of war. May 10Th, 1940 Winston Churchill becomes British Prime Minister of Great Britain. On that very same day the German army invades Belgium and the Netherlands and also starts the invasion of France. France had quite a defense system to protect its borders called the Maginot line consisting of fighting bunkers to prevent an invasion to the East and northern flank of France. On May 14 The Netherlands capitulates to Germany. France had a very courageous army but in no way could they resist the powerful German invasion from the land and air.

Now that all the European countries are falling one after the other what happens to the French and British army you ask? Retreat men.....run for your lives, the Wehrmacht is coming. The allied armies are retreating north towards the English channel in Northern France, they have no choice, it's a do or die situation and Winston Churchill knows this. So begins the biggest amphibious evacuation of all times. Small boats, big boats, military boats, private boats, civilian boats that want to go towards France in the English channel leaving the English harbours to help rescue the Allies who are running for their lives towards northern France. The Allies are exhausted after months of fighting in Europe. Help us God Europe is falling to Hitler and his army. Thus begins the greatest evacuation plan of history with hundreds of boats leaving England through the English channel towards France. The British navy had to turn away people with sail boats of all things, sail boats were slow and vulnarable, this goes to show how much the British are proud and are always willing to lend a hand in what ever way they can! Once upon the French coast of Dunkirk the boats were being bombed by the Luftwaffe and soldiers were being evacuated from the advancing German army but by the time this was all over and the boats had returned to England and thousands of French and British soldiers were evacuated from France at least 300,000 were made prisoners by the German army in France. The German army entered Paris on June 14Th, 1940. On June 25Th Marechal Petain will ask Hitler an armistice and become a traitor to many French for he will be a direct collaborator to Hitler and a puppet of the German army doing anything Hitler would ask of him. On June 30Th,1940 the German army invaded the iles of Jersey and Guernsey. France capitulated and thus in a few months shall start the battle of Britain. My we ain't seen nothing yet! The world is in a state of shock! England is getting ready for the battle of Britain and the war in 1940 expands to the middle east. It seems as though Hitler's army will conquer the world! That's indeed quite a scary scenario! I really must think that the folks in those days though that really dark clouds were hanging over their heads in the sky!

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